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Brain Shoodles


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Critically acclaimed autobiographical mental health zine by Emily B. Owen

Shoodles (a portmanteau of s**t doodles) was never meant to be a comic. It started as my way of trying to make sense of my thoughts and one day, while feeling unusually cavalier, I posted some on twitter. It took quite a while to get the collection together, such is the nature of anxiety and depression, but here it is. My aim when compiling the zine was to make it accessible and relatable, and hopefully by sharing my experience someone out there reading it might feel less alone.

Brain Shoodles is a 28 page A5 black and white zine printed by the ever-excellent Comic Printing UK on 120gsm silk recycled paper. It's written and drawn by me, with caption letters by the ubiquitous Rob Jones. There's even a foreword by Worry Wart's Dani M. Abram.